Strakson's Tales

Mysterious Crystals

Session 2

Kaldor visited local Honeygrove wizard, Melvoria, who was missing his apprentice, Kuja.

Kaldor went out and searched for Kuja, and found some old ruins, as Kaldor spelunked into the cellar of the ruins, he found Kuja who was unable to get back up, and reluctant to leave until he found a way to get his finding with him.

Kuja had found some research notes and scribbles from a mage calling himself Ekkan Vilka.

There was also a mural, depicting the event where King Zidal Konkan captured his citizens, his enemies and his own souls within his artifact, and a iron chest, Kaldor helped Kuja getting the chest out of the cellar, but Kaldor left Kuja in the cellar and instead went back to Honeygrove to open the chest.

He got aid from Seamus and a guild named The Guild of Glory to open the chest, inside he found 3 letters, none of them who he understood, he also found an opaque crystallike gem with a blue glow inside.

He told The Guild of Glory about his discovery and they all went to Mova to talk to Thyrilion, who is supposedly an expert in Zidal's legend.

When Kaldor told Thyrilion about the shard, he informed him about the legend.
Thyrilion also noticed a change in the glow within the shards depending on how many where nearby, to test his theory, he sent Kaldor, with the assistance of cleric Vila Morae, to find another gem in a nearby cave, but the cave were filled with guardians according to Thyrilion.

When Kaldor and Vila explored the cave, they found it empty, but the gem was about to be stolen by a shadowy figure. Kaldor and Vila heavily damaged the thief, who they found out to be half-orc. They took the gem and ran away before a nearby group of orcs arrived, they carried the woman away, and Kaldor and Vila returned to Mova.



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