Strakson's Tales

Mysterious Crystals pt 2

Session 3

Kaldor and Vila returned to Mova, where they were promptly asked about what happened by the local guard, including Captain Ferals.

Vila retuned to her home and Kaldor went back to meet Thyrilion. He gave the shard to Thyrilion who also translated two of the 3 letters, the letter were written in orcish, one about a womans death, the other about an heirloom. He also informed Kaldor that the third one is written in Abyssal, he then informs Kaldor about a man named Sate, who is fluent in Abyssal, who was last seen to the north, he suggested he searched for him in Shillstead.

Kaldor then decided to go back to Honeygrove and back into the ruins's cellar.

However, he was unable to find Kuja down in the cellar, but he found a door with etchings and drawings of skeletons dancing on it, nearby the door was also a deer carcass and a dead explorer, which wasn't Kuja.



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