Strakson's Tales

The Secret Beneath Honeygrove

Session 4

Kaldor went back to Honeygrove and ordered a pickaxe from Seamus, he used this pickaxe to mine his way past the door.

Deep past the door, he found a large room where several cells were broken down by age and force, upon further investigation Kaldor found the cells to likely be torture cells and prisoner cells.

One of the cells were housing a fleshy construction which promptly tried to attack Kaldor, but the creature was too slow to ever catch up to him and he was killed.

 He found the creatures cage which had the letter R O G painted on them.

In addition, Kaldor found the body of Kuja and some different liquids and lab notes, Kaldor found his way out of the prison through a hidden trapdoor. 

He found his way back to Honeygrove and told Melvoria about Kuja's fate, he then went on his way towards Mova and then Shillstead, on the road from Mova to Shillstead he traveled with two other people, one elven man named Uchia, the other an elven man named Tian. Kaldor and Uchia both exited in Shillstead, where Kaldor immediately looked for info about Sate and was informed that he was in the nearby city of Remnai.

So Kaldor met Sate in Remnai and together with a group of mercenaries, they fought against Ira'duch, Vaz'cae and 2 orcs. Ira'duch, however, got away.

Sate then went into his grandfathers house, unable to find him but found some items stashed away, one of which was a Shard of Zidal.



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