Strakson's Tales

The Journey's beginning.
Session 1

Kaldor Bilgewater, a mage hailing from Lathiney is passing through the small mining town of Ore in Firiali, while there, he assists some locals in their small troubles and escorts an elf by the name of Tidar Kae to Honeygrove nearby.

On the way Kaldor and Tidar met some kobolds and some humans clad in armor saying they're from The Blood-Bound Militia.

In Honeygrove, Kaldor visits the local barracks and goes out and assists in killing some Blood-Bound troublemakers, there he went under the alias, Maywin Goodwell von Hohenheim.

Kaldor also befriended Honeygrove blacksmith, Seamus Graves.

Mysterious Crystals
Session 2

Kaldor visited local Honeygrove wizard, Melvoria, who was missing his apprentice, Kuja.

Kaldor went out and searched for Kuja, and found some old ruins, as Kaldor spelunked into the cellar of the ruins, he found Kuja who was unable to get back up, and reluctant to leave until he found a way to get his finding with him.

Kuja had found some research notes and scribbles from a mage calling himself Ekkan Vilka.

There was also a mural, depicting the event where King Zidal Konkan captured his citizens, his enemies and his own souls within his artifact, and a iron chest, Kaldor helped Kuja getting the chest out of the cellar, but Kaldor left Kuja in the cellar and instead went back to Honeygrove to open the chest.

He got aid from Seamus and a guild named The Guild of Glory to open the chest, inside he found 3 letters, none of them who he understood, he also found an opaque crystallike gem with a blue glow inside.

He told The Guild of Glory about his discovery and they all went to Mova to talk to Thyrilion, who is supposedly an expert in Zidal's legend.

When Kaldor told Thyrilion about the shard, he informed him about the legend.
Thyrilion also noticed a change in the glow within the shards depending on how many where nearby, to test his theory, he sent Kaldor, with the assistance of cleric Vila Morae, to find another gem in a nearby cave, but the cave were filled with guardians according to Thyrilion.

When Kaldor and Vila explored the cave, they found it empty, but the gem was about to be stolen by a shadowy figure. Kaldor and Vila heavily damaged the thief, who they found out to be half-orc. They took the gem and ran away before a nearby group of orcs arrived, they carried the woman away, and Kaldor and Vila returned to Mova.

Mysterious Crystals pt 2
Session 3

Kaldor and Vila returned to Mova, where they were promptly asked about what happened by the local guard, including Captain Ferals.

Vila retuned to her home and Kaldor went back to meet Thyrilion. He gave the shard to Thyrilion who also translated two of the 3 letters, the letter were written in orcish, one about a womans death, the other about an heirloom. He also informed Kaldor that the third one is written in Abyssal, he then informs Kaldor about a man named Sate, who is fluent in Abyssal, who was last seen to the north, he suggested he searched for him in Shillstead.

Kaldor then decided to go back to Honeygrove and back into the ruins's cellar.

However, he was unable to find Kuja down in the cellar, but he found a door with etchings and drawings of skeletons dancing on it, nearby the door was also a deer carcass and a dead explorer, which wasn't Kuja.

The Secret Beneath Honeygrove
Session 4

Kaldor went back to Honeygrove and ordered a pickaxe from Seamus, he used this pickaxe to mine his way past the door.

Deep past the door, he found a large room where several cells were broken down by age and force, upon further investigation Kaldor found the cells to likely be torture cells and prisoner cells.

One of the cells were housing a fleshy construction which promptly tried to attack Kaldor, but the creature was too slow to ever catch up to him and he was killed.

 He found the creatures cage which had the letter R O G painted on them.

In addition, Kaldor found the body of Kuja and some different liquids and lab notes, Kaldor found his way out of the prison through a hidden trapdoor. 

He found his way back to Honeygrove and told Melvoria about Kuja's fate, he then went on his way towards Mova and then Shillstead, on the road from Mova to Shillstead he traveled with two other people, one elven man named Uchia, the other an elven man named Tian. Kaldor and Uchia both exited in Shillstead, where Kaldor immediately looked for info about Sate and was informed that he was in the nearby city of Remnai.

So Kaldor met Sate in Remnai and together with a group of mercenaries, they fought against Ira'duch, Vaz'cae and 2 orcs. Ira'duch, however, got away.

Sate then went into his grandfathers house, unable to find him but found some items stashed away, one of which was a Shard of Zidal.

Meeting in Solaveen
Session 5

Kaldor got help from Sate to translate the Abyssal Letter, it seemed to be a congratulations to someone on joining a guild, it instructed the recipient to go to Solaveen's Blazing Horserider Inn, Kaldor went and there, he met a man who called himself The Darkcaster.

The Darkcaster told Kaldor that in order to join, he needed to prove his power, and the way he would do that, was to find and kill a person who was also asked to kill Kaldor.

Kaldor succeeded with his mission and was told to wait around for word on new work from The Darkcaster.

While he was waiting Kaldor decided to go look at the local College of Technology.

An Old Friend
Session 6

Kaldor learns that The College of Technology wasn't accepting any new students, and weren't willing to tell them anything about what exactly was going on.

Kaldor then tried to enter the College of Mages but was thrown out.

He then decided to stay in his room and wait until The Darkcaster asked for his help, and he was eventually visited by an agent.

The Darkcaster tasked him with going with 4 other people and finding and bringing back Sate, who he was informed had stolen something he needed.

One of the people who was going on the trip, was Kaldor's old friend Clara Whitaker, they caught up after 5 years.

They went to Northport and was made aware that Sate had traveled to Groel, so they asked a captain to sail them there, and he did, bringing the group and another man named Uchia Monskara. 

When they arrived to Groel they found out, after trial and error, found out Sate was looking for an old man named Azkail, but needed some help, the group found him outside the city where he was waiting.

Kaldor informed Sate about his task, and Sate was not impressed, he asked Kaldor if he was with or againts The Darkcaster.

Kaldor wasn't sure, so Sate decided that in order for him to go with Kaldor and Clara, they had to fight for it. The pair put up an excellent fight and knocked out Sate, they then dragged him, on horseback, back to the City, where the group reunited and found another ship, this time heading for Goldenport.


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