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  • Zidal Konkan

    Zidal Konkan was ruler of Firiali about a decade ago, his charisma led to be honored and followed. Zidal's mortal enemy [[:kev-raz | Kev'raz]] threatened him multiple times that he as going to invade, Zidal, to prepare just in case, had his Grand …

  • Kev'raz

    Kev'raz was said to be born under a bloodmoon, his brothers were killed by the tough training his father put upon them only leaving him and his brother Ark'don left, they both traveled their own path, rumors have it that Ark'don killed his father in his …

  • The Crypt Guardian

    The Crypt Guardian was created to protect the chambers hidden beneath Honeygrove. ยจ In the chamber that seemed to be it's home, the letter R O G were painted crudely with blood on the backwall.

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