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With deep roots in conflict from the eastern region of Groel. Firiali is almost always ready for war, and with the Civil War in Lathiney entering the borders of Firiali, the kingdom is preparing everything they can to take back peace, even to reconstruct a famed artifact.

Firiali is also Strakson's wealthiest kingdom.

Firiali is currently lead by King Jave Konkan III, son of King Zidal Konkan.



Mova is the capital of Firiali.

Mova is a round city with 2 giant gates towards the south and west.

Mova is divided into 4 districts

The Main District, in the inner circles of Mova, the most open and peaceful part of Mova, of course due to the fact that it's surrounding the castle.

The Shadow District, to the north-east, the furthest away from any gates, and incredibly narrowly built houses, the chances of you being ambushed in some way are big, if you're not a regular.

The Trade District, from the south-west to the south-east, where most people who are looking for trades and deal go, a wide selection of wares from reagents, spells and weapons to jewels, artifacts and favors. If you're looking for anything, Mova's trade district likely has it.

The Wealth District, to the north-west, where almost all the richest people in Firiali live.

The Bazaar

The Bazaar is a building towards the north, lying right as the main road splits.

The Bazaar is the biggest market in Strakson, you can buy everything from Mercenaries to spellbooks, artifacts and foreign reagents.

The Blood-Red Tree

In North Firiali lies a tree with blood red leaves and bark. the origins of the tree is unknown, but scholars of Solaveen are captivated by the tree trying to decipher it's significance.

The tree is protected under Master Goll of Solaveen.


Consor is one of the two northern cities who co-own are the owners of the Northern Camps.

Consor is governed by Govenor Kayden, who's brother governs Gronson

Giantsfall Arch

Officially recognized as the border between North and South Firiali, the arch is the remains of the tyrant Gandovia and fortified over time.


Is Firiali's biggest port, built after Northport became unusable due to crime.


One of the most southern cities in Firiali, the city mainly focuses on supplying the rest of Firiali with wood and livestock.


Gronson is one of the two northern cities who co-own are the owners of the Northern Camps.

Gronson is governed by Govenor Dail, who's brother governs Consor


One of the southern cities of Firiali.

Honeygrove's main export is food, famously, honey.

Mount Graystone

A mountain to the east of the north on 

The Northern Camps

There is a big camping site between Consor and Gronson, the people living there are typically refugees


The most criminal city in Firiali, Northport used to be Firiali's only port, until the crime got too rough, so Goldenport was built.


A small mining town in southern Firiali.

Mainly dealing in ore/stone related exports.


A city on the mountains in central Firiali.


A large encampment-esque city just after Giantsfall Arch. Favored taverns of travelers near and far are situated in this city.


Firiali's main science and research city, home of Firiali's College of Mages, College of Technology as well as Strakson College of Planar Study.

Starlight Meadow

A grove located in the woods to the North.

Mages are known to flock to this location every now and again.

Windless Pass

A more dangerous way to go from the North to South parts, this long canyon are not advised by most people to go through.



Lying to the east, Groel is known for their violent tendencies, which is what caused the local orcs to be exiled to the island.

Groel has been torn apart by war, leaving wildlife and nature scarce near the capitol of Kvaz'den.

Groel is currently leaderless, using a humanoid referred to as The Speaker to speak for Groel.

The Ashlands

The area around Atem, covered in a layer of ash laying since the last time Atem erupted.


A large volcano, while it doesn't erupt often, whenever it does, it threatens the destruction of Groel and parts of Firiali.


A city at the foot of Atem, many shamans live here, as they believe Atem is home to powerful spirits.


Located within The Killing Fields


Located in the far south, it's the main problem when it comes to the mainland forces, luckily for them, almost none of the citizens in Gilden follow the leaders in Kvaz'den they are a more traditional people, taking enjoyment in the flora and fauna surrounding the southern part.

The Killing Fields

A large area surrounding Kvaz'den, stained by blood, bones and charred remains.


Located deep within The Killing Fields, it's home to the royal palace.

Northern Ally Camp

A camp home to scouts and soldiers of the mainland.

Southern Ally Camp

A camp home to scouts and soldiers of the mainland.


Located between the sharp western edges of Groel, this city is large, but by comparison the size it's nearly empty.




The western region of Jaston is recognized as the most dangerous region in Strakson, with places like The Bastard's Gulch, Sowilah and Morial.

Jaston's king, Monvéar's infulence only reaches the northern part of Jaston, north of Bastard's Gulch

South of Bastard's Gulch is typically referred to as "Fool's Haven"

The Northern part is typically called "The Throne of Jaston" or "Jaston's Throne".

Every city and village is on constant guard at all times

Nomad caravans or riders are no rare occurrence in Jaston, neither are bandit attacks



Jaston's capital and largest city, it appears just as a larger variety of a normal city.


Baliah is a town hidden slightly away from the rest of towns, on the south of Bastard's Gulch.

Bastard's Gulch

The dangerous passage linking The Throne to Fool's Haven. Many a bandits and outlaws are hiding within the caverns and rocks scattered throughout, the sometimes unstable road makes it difficult to travel fast.


Messilah is the richest city in Jaston, having established a successful trade route with several cities in Firiali and other cities in Jaston.


Morial, also called "The Welcome Mat", lies just at the southern end of Bastard's Gulch, it houses a large tavern named "The Welcoming Inn", promising free drinks to any outsider, anyone not from Jaston, who can make it alive through Bastard's Gulch, from Fool's Haven to The Throne and back again.


​​​​​​​Soveal is the only port in Jaston's Throne, it is the most heavily guarded city in Jaston, second only to Burlas.


​​​​​​​Jaston, and subsequencely Strakson's most crime filled city, despite it lying nearby Burlas, it's narrow alleys and many taverns are popular places for robbery and murder, but people no longer fear the guards, or lack thereof, so thievery or assaults are not uncommon in broad daylight.


​​​​​​​Vokron is the safest of all cities in Fool's Haven, it's populated by bandits, natives and Varialen people all the same.


Lying west of Remnai, atop Bastard's Gulch, it's mostly empty, not many people visit or live there.


Lathiney is in the midst of a civil war, Lord Malgriff's armies against the rebel cause, the Blood-Bound Militia.

Lathiney is also home to The Sister Castle's Trial, a five castle trial to the south, based on the castle masters designs, the trials are sacred and only 7 people throughout the trials long history has gotten through to the other side alive.



Capital city of Lathiney and with a large barracks and training fields. The king, Lord Malgriff, is referred to as a sinister and ruthless military general turned king.

Gelst is under Malgriff's control.


​​​​​​​The third castle in the Sister Castle's Trial


​​​​Lathiney's largest port city, the city the largest port city in Strakson.

The city is under Blood-Bound Militia control


​​​​​​​A large port making it the largest after the Blood-Bound Militia took hold of Hafnar.

The city is under Malgriff's control


The first castle in the Sister Castle's Trial


The second castle in the Sister Castle's Trial


Joenni is a city mixed with Lathiney and Firiali citizens, it's the city most people go to in order to be recruited into the Blood-Bound Militia. 

Joenni is under Blood-Bound Militia control.


The fourth castle in the Sister Castle's Trial


The fifth and final castle in the Sisters Castle's Trial


Villme is home to the Blood-Bound Militia.

Villme is under Blood-Bound Militia control



Varial is highly populated by elves and covered in woodlife.

Magic is not allowed in Varial, according to Varialen legend, all forms of magic is considered taboo, and won't be tolerated even if it's a native or a visitor, certain types of magic can result in exile.

Many cities in Varial are small town, based around a single purpose, such as logging, fishing or mining.

Varial's leader is in torment, as all of Lady Nectaria's children have left for different reasons.



Misokova is the capital of Varial, Misokova is a large city built around a tree named Algalyew, built inside it is the royal palace called Cypress Palace. The city has many trees within with houses and stores built inside or on top.


​​​​​​​Alara is the city located deep inside Frostwood, not much is known about it today, but before the Witch migrated, the city was a quaint little town, it was a peaceful town hidden away from the large parts of the other world.

Bridge to Lathiney

​​​​​​​A large bridge built between Varial and Lathiney, the part in Lathiney is under Malgriff's control, and he charges toll to cross.


​​​​​​​A loggers town, it's located next to the largest forest in Varial.


​​​​​​​Located in the middle of the largest forest in Varial it's the closest town to the Northern Varial port.


​​​​​​​Frostwood is according to legend, inhabited by a powerful witch, who turns everything around her into ice.

Garin Keep

Lord Garin's castle lying to the south, rumors go that Lord Garin was an old master in the Sister Castle's Trial, housing in Hofðir, he was exiled due to revealing critical information to a participant about the later castles.

Lord Garin resides in his castle, but doesn't want to be meet with anyone.


​​​​​​​East of Misokova, the town houses multiple storehouses used by traveling merchants and Misokovan citizens.


​​​​​​​A town located to the far south, rumors have it the town is practicing magic.


​​​​​​​This town lies inside the largest forest in Varial and right next to Gent Pond.


This city is almost abandoned by this point, mainly housing bandits.


The town closest to Jaston, a lot of refugee flee from bandits into this town.


​​​​​​​Mista is a city home to many bowyers and fletchers.


​​​​​​​Located between Misokova and Gent Pond.


​​​​​​​A fishing town, also home to the South Varial Port. 


​​​​​​​Also a fishing town, right next to Lake Alvadar.


​​​​​​​This town is home to many people, but it is home to plenty of crossroads.


Additional Islands

The Misty Archipelago

All islands within this archipelago is covered in a mist, differing in size along with the islands.

Bad rumors are spread about this place, explorers dare not explore the islands.

Mil (also called Amaranthine)

Independently governed by Queen Reina Scarlet.

Visitors have mentioned they felt uneasy while there.

Ancient's Isle

An island said to house a direct link to the Elemental Lords.

The island is heavily guarded by timeless guardians.


​​​​​​​An island laying off the coast of Jaston, Monvéar has sent squads of guards to the island with only one guard returning alive. Monvéar doesn't consider it a part of Jaston.

The Frozen Desecration

Frozen plates of ice lying north of Jaston and Firiali, unexplored.


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