Noteworthy Events




Noteworthy Events

The Assault on Mova – Zidal's Demise

Warlord Kev'raz sent his armies to his nemesis King Zidal's home, Mova, resulting in massive losses for both sides, including, multiple Orc Warriors, multiple of Mova's warriors, multiple Mova Citizens, King Zidal.


Lord Akemi Brinshi's disappearance.

Lord Akemi Brinshi was the youngest son of Lady Nectaria Brinshi, he was mysteriously kidnapped while he was young, he has not been seen since.


The Lathinien Civil War

Ada Ress and her group of rebels have decided to rebel against Lord Malgriff's actions, their fight is still going strong.


The Destruction of Remnai

One day, the city of Remnai, Firiali was destroyed overnight, the city still burns almost a week later.







The Witch of Frostwood

Sometime around the time that Jave inherited the throne, Dalewood, a forest in the eastern parts of Varial, started to freeze over completely in a few days.

A man once ventured into the forest and never returned, but since more people have tried to investigate the area, the person who got the furthest inside, "Uchia", said he found a castle in there that reached deep into the earth.

The Destruction of Remnai

Rumors say that the sudden destruction of Remnai was the fault of The Fire-Blooded Doomcallers.




The Firilian Royal Guard

The army of Firiali

Defenders of the Future

The army of Lathiney

Guardians of the Sands

The army of Jaston

Varials High Army

The army of Varial

The Brothers in Arms

Groel's army

The Blood-Bound Militia

Rebel alliance based in Lathiney content on fighting against Malgriff, led by General Ada Ress.

The Fire-Blooded Doomcallers

Rumors say of an elite band of warriors, mages and thieves ruling under their own authority and generally causing trouble for others, the destruction of Remnai, Firiali, is attributed to The Fire-Blooded Doomcallers.

Sister's Castle Association

The group of five castle masters who are in control of the Sister Castle's Trial, an old traditional trial where a challenger goes through the five castles for treasure and glory, according to legend.







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